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2023 OLG Cornhole Tournament
Sponsored by Willie McBride's

Don't miss the fun at NiteFest's Thirsty Monk Biergarten!

Beer, fun and of course, our annual Cornhole tournament!
More details below.


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Rules of Play


Game length – Games will be played up to 15 points. The first team to reach or exceed 15 points is the winner.

Scoring – Cancellation scoring will be used. A bag on the board will be 1 point. A bag in the hole will be 3 points. Any bag touching the ground or any bag thrown on a foot foul will not count.

Time limit – 15 minutes per game. If no team has reached 15 points before that time, the team with the highest score will be the winner. If there is a tie at the end of 15 minutes, play will continue until there is a point leader at the end of a round, and that team will be the winner. If at the end of 30 minutes there is still a tie, both teams will be eliminated.

Doubles play – One player from each team will stand at each board and alternate throws. At the start of the game, a coin toss will determine which team throws first.

Throwing – Bags must be thrown underhand.

Fouls – Foot foul: If a player’s foot extends beyond the front of the board during a throw, it will be declared a foul and no points can be scored on the throw. Delay of game: if a referee determines a team is intentionally delaying a game, the team will receive a 3 point penalty.

The finals – The final game will be played up to 21 points with no time limit. 21 points needs to be reached exactly. If a team exceeds 21 points, their score will drop back to 15.




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