Becoming a Member of Our Parish

Belonging to a Catholic community is strengthened by celebration of weekly Sunday Mass. That regular involvement enables members to celebrate the Sacraments and be certified as godparents and sponsors. It is heartening to see so many new residents of Hoboken and Jersey City make Our Lady of Grace and St. Joseph their parish. Others seek out the church when there is a need: to baptize a baby, prepare for marriage and celebrate their wedding, or to be certified to be a godparent or sponsor. The expectation is that a person continues to worship regularly even after a sacrament or certification is received.

joinusTo be considered a parishioner, a person needs to complete and turn in a registration form. These are found on the church tables or may be downloaded from our website.  A person also needs to attend Mass regularly and use envelopes, checks or online giving so that we know that you are in attendance.  There are starter envelopes on the church tables and the new registrant will receive them in the mail. What you give is up to you. Your attendance is noted, and this record enables us to accept you for a sacrament or certify you.

- To book a wedding at either of our churches, we require a six month period of involvement.  Once you satisfy this requirement, we can set a date one year in advance from that time.

- To baptize a child, we require a two month period of involvement.

- To receive a certification for godparent or sponsor, we require a one month period of involvement.

No date can be set or certification signed before the period is completed.

We will no longer send certificates to churches that request them. An individual has to personally make a request.

Parishioner families can receive an in-parish tuition rate for Hoboken Catholic Academy kindergarten through 8th grades for families worshipping regularly for at least six months before the certification is needed.

We are grateful for your presence and support. Please continue to build up our community of faith.